DJ Julie Bee

Julie got her start at Marfa Public Radio in May 2014 on a month-long series called ‘Afternoon Delight’ in which she and station intern James Kim (aka Jules and Jim) played songs from movie soundtracks.

When the last surviving original member of the Ramones, Tommy, passed on two months later, Julie broadcast her first solo show: a two hour Ramones tribute. She became a regular on Indie Kitty and The Oldies Show, finally creating her own show Old’s Cool in 2017.

Julie was raised on the great music from the 50’s, 60s, and 70s, coming of age in the 80s – the decade at the heart of Old’s Cool. On the show, she explores different genres of the 70s through 90s, finding connections and celebrating moments in time with a bottomless well of themes.

An avid record collector, Julie is especially obsessed with 45’s from the 60’s whether they be R&B gems from the Stax label, crunchy garage rock or beautiful pop. She enjoys mixing songs you know and love with rare b-sides to create the soundtrack to good times.



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