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Hair, the rock musical by Gerome Ragni, James Rado, and Galt McDermott, debuted off-Broadway in 1967 & moved to Broadway in ’68. I took a deep dive into this record last year when Alpine’s Sul Ross University did a great production. The French version found its way to my collection through a donation to the […]

Matthew Sweet’s 1995 album 100% Fun was reissued on vinyl in 2018 by Intervention Records and is back in print. I knew the 180 gram vinyl would be heavy, but was amazed at HOW heavy this package was when it arrived, only to discover that Intervention had included an additional disc (12″ but at 45rpm) with […]

The Clash's triple album Sandinista! was released on Dec 12, 1980 & turns 40 this week. I was a couple of years late to the party, having discovered The Clash around 1981. I cut my punk teeth on their amazing first album, then quickly devoured Give 'Em Enough Rope and relished London Calling. Only then I [...]
The Moving Sidewalks were a psychedelic band from Houston, formed by Billy Gibbons before ZZ Top. 99th Floor (b-side What Are You Going to Do) was their first single in 1967, which got them signed with Wand Records, who reissued it the same year. I found this rare 45 at Shady Grove Records in Kingman, [...]

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