Matthew Sweet – 100% Fun

Written by on December 25, 2020

Matthew Sweet’s 1995 album 100% Fun was reissued on vinyl in 2018 by Intervention Records and is back in print. I knew the 180 gram vinyl would be heavy, but was amazed at HOW heavy this package was when it arrived, only to discover that Intervention had included an additional disc (12″ but at 45rpm) with 7 bonus tracks. 

Almost every song on the original 12 song album is a favorite: Get Older and Smog Moon sounded like old classics on first listen back in 95 and just get better with age, and the singles Sick of Myself and We’re the Same are perfect love songs for misfit alt pop fans such as myself. Included in the bonus disc are an alternate mix of Walk Out, Never Said Goodbye (which I know but can’t place), and my current favorite Breaks My Heart which we heard on the Hidden Tracks and Bonus Songs show from Dec 16. 

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