The Moving Sidewalks – 99th Floor

Written by on December 14, 2020

The Moving Sidewalks were a psychedelic band from Houston, formed by Billy Gibbons before ZZ Top.
99th Floor (b-side What Are You Going to Do) was their first single in 1967, which got them signed with Wand Records, who reissued it the same year.
I found this rare 45 at Shady Grove Records in Kingman, AZ in Oct of this year while visiting my dad. The price was high, and the shop owner offered it to me at a huge discount. Seeing that it was still more than I’d ever spent on a single 45, I had to think about it. Luckily it was still there when I was back in town a couple of weeks later.
I played it on the Oldies Show I hosted in November, and am sure it will be in regular rotation when we can meet again at the bars.

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