The Clash – Sandinista!

Written by on December 14, 2020

The Clash’s triple album Sandinista! was released on Dec 12, 1980 & turns 40 this week.
I was a couple of years late to the party, having discovered The Clash around 1981. I cut my punk teeth on their amazing first album, then quickly devoured Give ‘Em Enough Rope and relished London Calling. Only then I was ready to dig into Sandinista!
I saw the Clash twice during their 1982 US tour, and still remember my high school friend’s older sister being confused that Somebody Got Murdered sounded almost joyous as a crowd sing-a-long. We got it, though.
Personal favorite tracks: Up In Heaven (Not Only Here), Police On My Back, Call Up, and of course Somebody Got Murdered. But there are so many gems here, you will want to listen to all 6 sides all the way through. And look out for the hidden track right after Broadway at the end of side 4 – we’ll hear it on the 12-16 episode of Old’s Cool when the theme is Bonus Tracks.

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